Reasons to Join


Membership provides access to world-class faculty and researchers and state-of-the-art facilities.


Princeton scientists and engineers are world leaders in core areas of research that are of critical importance to the energy and environmental sectors.


Princeton’s culture and intimate scale make it uniquely interdisciplinary in its approach to research and education. Members benefit from faculty and student collaborations across departmental boundaries.


Princeton is educating the next generation of energy and environmental leaders. E-ffiliates affords early and unparalleled access to this talent pool.


Princeton faculty focus on high-impact, long-term research projects that are cost- and/or risk-prohibitive in many industries. E-ffiliates seeds such projects, and members benefit from the results.


Membership provides each company with an opportunity to meaningfully influence the strategic direction of E-ffiliates through participation on the E-ffiliates Advisory Committee.


Universities can be challenging for companies to navigate. E-ffiliates provides our partners with a curated experience of Princeton’s vast energy and environmental assets.

Membership Structure and Benefits

Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership is supported by membership fees and is open to all companies that have interests in the areas of energy and environment. Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership includes three tiers of membership: charter, general, and affiliate. Affiliate member status is intended for start-up companies with fewer than 100 employees. A portion of membership fees of charter and general members will seed new research and education initiatives. Members are entitled to a large range of benefits, as set forth below:

 Charter MemberGeneral MemberAffiliate Member
Customized plan of services
Facilitated meetings with faculty and administration
Direct student access for internships and employment
Attendance at annual meetings and focus groups✔ (4)✔ (2)✔ (1)
Discounted access to central facilities and personnel
Seat on E-ffiliates Advisory Committee✔ (2)✔ (1) 
Visitor-in-residence✔ (1)  
Named postdoctoral fellow✔ (1)  
Royalty-free, commercial license for intellectual property derived from separately funded research  

* Numbers in parentheses denote the number of representatives from each member company.

Join Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership

Please contact Spencer Reynolds, Senior Associate Director, Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations, for more information about how a membership plan can be tailored for your company or organization.